Friday, January 7, 2011

Time To Reform Immigration - For All The Right Reasons

The debate about anchor babies and the 14th Amendment is a stupid debate to be having. The debate needs to be about comprehensive immigration reform.
It's very, VERY unfortunate that Republicans aren't willing to HAVE that debate since they could be having it on their own terms.

Republicans claim to be the party of family values and traditional marriage. Well, one of the great evils of our current system is that it provides an incentive for thousands of people to game the system by making a sacrilege and a mockery of marriage. If that was the only evil this would be enough of a reason for Republicans to make immigration reform a top priority.

Unfortunately, that ISN'T the only evil.

Under the current system, good, hard working people with traditional family values who would strengthen the fabric of American life and society are second to people with resources, connections, and a willingness to do the bare minimum necessary to maintain legal status. What I mean is that people without resources or connections but who are good, healthy, hard-working people have less of a chance to stay in this country and share in the American Dream than some lazy good-for-nothing who happens to have money and a sponsor. Our current system is a fertile soil for crime and corruption, for bribes, blackmail, and oppression.

Republicans need to start seeing the practical value--if not the intrinsic moral worth--of embracing immigrants and immigration reform. Failure to do so will definitely be detrimental to the Republican party's prospects and the very health of American Society long-term.

Calling into question the legitimate status of citizens on dubious Constitutional grounds is a big, big mistake.